Healthy Dental Habits to Practice During Pregnancy (July 31, 2017)

Pregnancy comes with many responsibilities, and one of those ensures you are taking the best care of yourself that you possible can to ensure you minimize any risk to your unborn child. For most women, receiving prenatal care is customary these days, but dental care should also be considered for pregnant women. Let your dentist know you are pregnant and when your last visit before you give birth will be. Some women with high-risk pregnancies may be recommended that they postpone treatment till after they give birth. Your dentist can help you determine if this is the right choice for you. However, for most women with healthy pregnancies, the benefits of getting regular dental care during their pregnancy will far outweigh the negative result.

Consider these 7 tips to help keep your oral health up during your pregnancy:

  • Brush thoroughly with an ADA-recommended toothbrush and a fluoride-based toothpaste per day.
  • Floss between and around every tooth once daily.
  • Purchase products that have the ADA “seal of acceptance” on the packaging.
  • Eating a balanced diet will be key to ensuring you get the nutrients you need to support good oral health. If you snack, do so in reasonable moderation.
  • If you need assistance with plaque-control your dentist may recommend a nightly antimicrobacterial wash to help keep the plaque away.
  • If you have morning sickness with regular vomiting try rinsing with a teaspoon of soda water to stop the stomach acid from effecting the enamel on your teeth.

Stay on top of your oral health and it is much less of a chore to ensure you are having an orally healthy pregnancy!

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