3 Reason to Choose Digital X-Rays to Traditional X-Rays

3 Reason to Choose Digital X-Rays to Traditional X-Rays

X-Rays have many perceptions in the eyes of Americans depending on the use for each type of x-ray. What many Americans seem to fail to understand though is that x-rays are not a one-size-fits-all concept. There are all kinds of x-rays out there from those for medical purposes to those used for dental purposes to those used in the airports. This confusion leads to many questions about dental x-rays.

Traditional x-rays are the type of radiographs that will look at your teeth and gums to get a better view than your dentist can with his/her naked eye. Traditional x-rays are considered a safe procedure in modern dentistry as considerably less radiation is used with modern technology than was used even just a couple decades ago, however, it is still possible that with the other chemicals used to process the film and including human error someone could still be overexposed to radiation more than necessary to get the x-rays done. That can be a bit more dangerous.

Newer technology provides another option called digital x-rays. There are many benefits to these new, digital x-rays provide many perks including:

  • Less Radiation: The digital x-rays require a lot less radiation than the traditional x-ray does — about 80% less radiation to be exact.
  • Comfort: digital x-rays eliminate the lead vests and the awkward biting on plastic tools in one’s mouth. Instead, you get a small sensor inside your mouth and you bite on the piece to allow a thin computer wire to read the x-rays. The sensor is just moved around the mouth to get various images and you bite on it. Much nicer than those uncomfortable plastic utensils being jammed into your mouth for you to bite onto.
  • Quality: The actual x-rays themselves display images in as little as 3 seconds, and they are much easier for patients to take and easier for technicians to read. The pictures remain undistorted and the original images generally hold up quite well. These x-rays often also show decay in a tooth earlier so the problem is found before it gets much more severe.

Most claims for insurance are also easier to make when there are digital x-rays to back up the evidence It’s also much more environmentally friendly not to have to dispose of all the paper and film waste afterward.

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