3 Reasons Why Composite Fillings Are Better Than Amalgam Fillings

3 Reasons Why Composite Fillings Are Better Than Amalgam Fillings

Trying to decide between composite and amalgam fillings has been a continuing decision dental patients that need a filling have had to continue to try to make. Here are 3 reasons that it is argued the composite filling beats out the amalgams:

Composite Fillings Are Less Invasive:

Tooth-colored composites can be bonded right to the surface of the tooth which means only the decayed enamel needs to be removed. The rest can stay in place to protect the surrounding tooth from another possible cavity. Silver amalgams, however, require the healthy tooth to be removed before it can be wedged in to cover the damaged part of the tooth.

Composite Fillings Can Go Where Silver Fillings Cannot:

As the composite fillings are directly bonded to the teeth they are able to go in places the silver ones cannot go. They are able to hold themselves in place and are able to cover smooth surfaces on the teeth or the biting edges that may have chipped or decayed with wear overt time.

They Are Available in Many Shades Ensuring a Perfect Color Match:

Repairing your cavity with a composite filling will give you the look of a more natural, healthy-looking tooth. Amalgams are dark and pretty obvious when they are in the mouth, whereas composite resin fillings are very subtle if at all noticeable. It provides a more confident smile for the people who have to have them!

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