Benefits of Dental Bridges

Benefits of Dental Bridges

If you experience gaps in your mouth created by missing teeth, then you know how difficult simple and daily tasks can begin to be. Even basic mouth movements like talking and chewing food can prove to be difficult and painful. Dental bridges provide a practical solution that fills the mouth’s empty space with dental implants. Dentists can use teeth on either side of the gap like anchors to hold the false teeth down. Whatever your preference may be, these teeth can be made from a variety of different materials to fit your needs and desires.

What Dental Bridges Can Do for Your Smile

The following is a list of just a few ways that dental bridges can drastically change your appearance and also the function of your mouth:

  • Restore Your Smile
  • Improve Chewing and Speaking
  • Maintain Your Face’s Natural Shape
  • Even Out Your Bite
  • Prevent Teeth From Shifting Positions

Dental bridges typically come in three basic types known as traditional, cantilever, and Maryland. Traditional bridges use crowns and implants as anchors on either side of the missing teeth, and cantilever bridges are used when you have teeth adjacent to only one side of your missing teeth. Finally, a Maryland bonded bridge is used with a metal framework that dentist bond directly to your adjacent teeth.

Dental bridges can last up to 10 years depending on the material, but most are made with durable ones. Through proper hygiene and maintenance, you can expect a dental bridge to last a while.

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