Benefits of Traditional Braces

Benefits of Traditional Braces

May 16, 2019
Traditional braces are tried and true technology. It is the best option as it causes less damage to the appliances and requires less time. If you are suffering from dental malocclusions, traditional braces are considered best to straighten teeth. They are made of metal and metallic wires and brackets are visible on the front of your teeth. Traditional braces are cost-effective. Undergoing orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces is an excellent choice as-

Correcting an Overbite

It is important to correct an overbite as it can lead to unusual wear on the front teeth. The misaligned jaw leads to the problems with the jaw’s joints. Fix dental misalignment with traditional braces to have the perfect smile.

Repairing a Crossbite

One or more teeth closer to the tongue or cheeks cause an unusual bite which leads to crossbite. Such misaligned teeth can cause irritation while talking or chewing food. It is also more difficult to brush or floss your teeth. Ramona Dentistry recommends traditional braces for repairing Crossbites.

Fixing Overcrowded Teeth

If you have the problem of overcrowded teeth, then you must be having teeth closely packed. There might be few overcrowded teeth or most of the overcrowded teeth may be located at the front of your mouth. With the help of traditional metal brackets and wires, overcrowded teeth can be shifted into the proper positions.

Overcoming an Underbite

An unusual dental misalignment that is caused by a smaller jaw or poor childhood habits is an Underbite. When you close your mouth, the lower teeth are positioned over the upper teeth. Ramona Dentistry recommends metallic traditional bracket and wire braces treatment for overcoming this problem.

Closing Dental Gaps

The gaps between teeth give an unattractive smile. This also led to a few other dental problems like difficulty in chewing food or talking properly. There is a risk of having other problems with the gums between the widely spaced teeth. Traditional braces help in closing these gaps between your teeth. These are many other benefits of traditional braces. Learn more by visiting Ramona Dentistry.
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