ClearCorrect: What Is It and Does It Work?

ClearCorrect: What Is It and Does It Work?

ClearCorrect is a tooth alignment system that is an alternative to getting traditional braces. This is similar to other designs like Invisalign available through a dentist or orthodontist to help provide alternative treatment to their patients. ClearCorrect offers custom-made removable aligners that gradually move the teeth back into line without having to wear braces to do it.

Different things from your medical history will help build these personalized, custom trays including x-rays and scans of your mouth as they are used to create an exact 3D-model of what your mouth looks like. Your treatment is then mapped out by using a gradual realignment system to help get your teeth to be straightened to the point where your dentist wants them to be.

Treatment is set up through a computerized model of your mouth for you to use on the internet while you are wearing the ClearCorrect trays throughout your treatment time. The program allows you to email your dentist with questions, comments, or concerns throughout your experience and to get advice on how to make the system work best for you.

You wear these trays for a three-week period of time before the alignment changes enough that you get a new customizable set of trays. Each phase allows for you to control and be flexible with where your teeth go and what you do with the next phase of the treatment. You should wear the trays at all times except when eating and drinking, and they are barely noticeable while they are in your mouth unlike braces.

After each set is worn for the 3-week period you will notice the gradual alignment of the teeth and the entire treatment takes from 1 to 2 years. There are 3 sets of options available for treatment. One plan provides unlimited tray changes till your teeth are where they need to be and the other plans offer 12 or 6 sets of trays respectively and are priced accordingly. Treatment costs vary depending on the plan you choose to best suit your needs.

ClearCorrect is currently available for teens and adults. ClearCorrect is similar to comparable with InvisalignTeen. Children who might now have all their molars or senior citizens who are missing some teeth or have complicated dental needs may be able to use ClearCorrect if the dentist determines that this treatment can meet their specific needs.

ClearCorrect can also help correct various problems that you are having including some conditions like crowded teeth, extra space between teeth, overbites/underbites, or crooked/rotated teeth that need to be moved to be facing forward again.

In cases where ClearCorrect is not a good solution to one’s problems such as where there are complex problems are treated by more traditional orthodontics such as braces. Traditional metal braces, however, can oftentimes stop one from cleaning and keeping good oral hygiene up as well as they can with trays you remove to brush your teeth and floss. ClearCorrect requires a lot less intervention from dentists and is pain-and-hassle free compared to metal braces that can cause poor oral health or gum and lip irritation from constant rubbing. Both ClearCorrect and Invisalign are removable trays that slowly realign teeth into their natural position, while changing trays continues to help the teeth move when the previous set no longer fits anymore. Expect to pay between about $2,500 and $3,500 for a full treatment depending on your needs and length of the treatment involved. It’s up to individual insurance plans if they will cover the cost of this treatment or not.

Your dentist can determine if something like ClearCorrect is right for you if you want to improve your smile and use this technology ask them today!

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