Know the Different Causes of Teeth Falling Out

Know the Different Causes of Teeth Falling Out

Mar 19, 2017

There are many different reasons teeth can fall out, but most cases boil down to a severe case of periodontitis. Losing teeth can be mortifying for one’s looks, but it can also make it difficult to chew and maintain proper nutrition.

There can be several reasons for teeth falling out including the number one cause, and that is not going to the dentist. The best way to keep one’s teeth clean is to go to the dentist on a semi-annual basis. The cleaning the hygienist provides is vital to keeping the teeth from building up plaque and other dangerous buildups. The hygienist can also notify the patient of the beginning of any issues like gingivitis before the condition gets serious. Gingivitis at the basic level can generally be reversed with good cleanings, daily brushing, and a good flossing habit before it progresses to the stage of periodontitis.

Being a male over 35 tends to be another risk factor in losing more teeth. This comes from most males in this age group not either going to the dentist frequently as they should, or not providing proper cleaning, brushing, and flossing habits as they should be. Sometimes, it can come from a poor diet as well. Especially a diet high in foods hard on the teeth that cause the decay and decomposition of the teeth and gums over time.

Moreover, smoking and chewing tobacco can cause tooth decay and rotting. It can also damage gum tissue.

High blood-pressure can also lead to tooth decay and loss according to some studies. However, more studies are needed to prove this for certain. Having diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis seems to be the same way, although more studies are needed to prove this as well. These patients seem more susceptible to infections, including infections of the mouth and gums. Some medications may also have this same effect such as medications for cancer therapy or epilepsy or even steroids.

Preventing gum disease is the last big thing that one can do to help avoid lose teeth and ultimately losing teeth. Gingivitis is one form of gum disease that may be reversible, but letting that turn into periodontitis is another story. Periodontitis effects about 47.2% of adults over the age of 30 in the US. A shockingly high number when really all most people have to do to avoid this condition is to brush and floss daily and visit their dentist semiannually for checkups and regular cleanings. Simply put, taking care of one’s teeth will help their teeth take care of them. Be sure to ensure that you have a healthy smile for life!

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