Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

It’s important to understand what kinds of emergencies require dental intervention, and which ones will be OK without help. Accidents do happen all hours of the day, but it’s important to know which emergencies can wait and which ones are can wait until normal business hours.

Some types of mouth injuries including cracked, broken, chipped, or ruined teeth result in severe injury to the mouth. Depending on the type of injury be it a sports injury or a fall and where the chip/break/ruined tooth is located depends on if the injury can wait until normal dental business hours the next day.

However, if the entire tooth comes out or multiple teeth are knocked out, or the injury is in a prominent place immediate attention may be needed. If it’s a big enough crack or break is big enough then immediate care is better. Especially if there are sharp edges that can cut your tongue and lips around where the tooth is sliced.

Until you get the tooth looked at try to handle it as little as possible to inflict minimal damage. Bite down on a moistened piece of gauze or a tea bag if the whole tooth comes out. Try not to swallow the tooth if at all possible. You can apply cold, wet compresses to the gums where the tooth was till you get to the emergency room.  The office may be able to get you in if its during business hours as they often leave gaps between appointments for severe emergencies such as this.

If the office is closed, some offices provide an emergency line so go ahead and call to get treatment immediately in emergency cases. Staff at the emergency center can help minimize injuries till you can get further help.

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