How Your Smile Can Affect Your Self Esteem

How Your Smile Can Affect Your Self Esteem

Apr 03, 2017

Self-esteem is a hugely important issue for everyone. Self-esteem is what makes you feel like you are worthy, accepted, and cared about. A simple way to make others self-esteem rise is to simply smile at the them when you see them. A warm, genuine smile lets the person know that you think they are likeable, pleasing, and safe to be around. It lets them know that you approve of their behavior, demeanor, and presence. It shows a need that you genuinely care for them, and want them to be there with you.

Smiles are powerful enough to start friendships, spark marital relationships, and let people you work with know that you care about them and are open to hearing about their personal lives as well as what they need to do the best job they can at work. Smiling ignites positive attitudes wherever you go, and lets people know you are a people person and that you care about them as individuals.

Smiling lets those around you know that you are pleasant, caring, kind, and approachable. It tells them that you are on their side, and that you genuinely care about them not only as workers or peers, but as a person as well. On the other hand, acting down, glum, and negative can have the opposite impact on people. It can leave people thinking, “What did I do that made that person upset?” or “How did I displease them?” even if they really did nothing wrong. Our moods and emotions rub off on people in many different ways, and oftentimes it starts with just a simple smile (or frown) that can set the tone for how we relate to those people around us.

Ultimately, smiling at others is the best way to go. It not only makes others feel you are approachable and that you are “on their side”, but it also can raise your own personal self-esteem as well. It makes you feel better, it brightens your mood, and it lets others know you care about them. So, the next time you see someone out in public smile and let them know that you are open, friendly, polite, and caring. That will lead to more people coming to you when they need something knowing you are there to help!

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