Laser Dentistry Uses and Benefits Explained

Laser Dentistry Uses and Benefits Explained

May 01, 2022

Are you interested in keeping up with the latest updates in dental technology? You must always stay abreast with the latest advances in dentistry to ensure you are taking advantage of the best dental treatments currently available. Dentists are also staying ahead, looking for new and better approaches to dental care. It is why they have incorporated using lasers for dental treatments. Therefore if you are interested in dental treatments using the latest techniques in dentistry, you must try to find professionals using lasers for dental treatments. Laser technology has been around for a few years. However, recent advances and modernization have made lasers more prevalent among people.

Laser Dentistry Explained

Laser dentistry entails the use of lasers when treating different dental conditions. Lasers became commercially available for use in the dental practice of procedures involving soft tissue in 1989. Laser dentistry offers more comfortable treatment for various dental procedures involving hard and soft tissue than non-laser tools like dental drills.

Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is the complete form of the term LASER. The instrument creates light energy in narrow and attentive beams. When the laser lights hit tissue, they react, allowing it to remove or change the tissue shape.

Laser dentistry helps treat various dental issues, including hypersensitivity, tooth decay, gum disease, and cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening.

Lasers are making dental treatments more cost-effective and comfortable. Laser dentistry is approved by the FDA for use against several dental conditions. Unfortunately, the American Dental Association is yet to provide its approval, although they have expressed hope of the potential in the field.

Uses Of Laser Dentistry

Here are the uses of laser dentistry:

  • The primary use of laser dentistry is to treat hard and soft tissue procedures. The teeth are considered the hard tissue, while your gums and cheeks are the soft tissue.
  • Laser dentistry uses dental lasers or cavity detection to find early evidence of tooth decay. They also prepare teeth for dental fillings by eliminating the use of traditional drills and local anesthesia. Lasers kill bacteria in the cavity to help in the long-term health of the tooth. Dental lasers also help treat tooth sensitivity to temperatures because the lasers seal the tubules on the tooth’s root.
  • When providing soft tissue procedures, our dentist in Chino uses dental lasers to treat a gummy smile and reshape gum tissue covering much of the tooth. Dental lasers also help with Crown lengthening and treating tongue frenulum attachment besides removing soft tissue folds.
  • Other procedures that benefit from laser dentistry include removing benign tumors, taking obstructive sleep apnea, cold sores, nerve regeneration, and TMJ disorders.
  • Laser treatments described above can vary in price according to the procedure performed and the dental laser used. However, laser treatments cost fewer dollars than traditional non-laser treatments, and fewer sessions are required with our dentist in 91710 to receive any dental procedures. Furthermore, dental insurance companies determine reimbursement costs based on the treatments received and not the tools used when providing them.

Therefore when you choose laser dentistry over traditional dental treatment, you will likely receive compensation similar to non-laser dental treatments.

Benefits of Using Laser Dentistry

Below are the advantages of laser dentistry:

  • The likelihood of needing sutures decreases with the use of soft tissue lasers, which also minimizes bleeding in the treated soft tissues and promotes blood clotting. Anesthesia is unnecessary with some procedures. As lasers sanitize the treatment area, the chances of bacterial infections are lower. Your wounds heal quickly, allowing tissue regeneration, and the methods do not cause much damage to the surrounding tissues.
  • Some lasers are absorbed by the body through water and hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells. For example, lasers used for treating periodontal disease kill the bacteria and activate tissue regrowth.
  • Soft tissue lasers seal nerve endings and blood vessels while penetrating the tissue. It is why many patients experience no pain after laser treatment. In addition, dental lasers promote faster healing of the tissue.

Not every dental professional has the qualification and training needed to provide laser treatments. Therefore you must look for laser treatments from our Chino dentist mentioned in this article without relying on online reviews that don’t offer unbiased opinions.

If you think you can benefit from laser dentistry and are looking for laser dentistry in Chino, CA, Ramona Dentistry of Chino provides laser dental treatments. Contact our dental clinic today for any treatments you need.

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