Oral Health-Friendly After School Snacks

Oral Health-Friendly After School Snacks

Apr 27, 2017

Any parents could tell you that when the kids come home from school the first place they run is the kitchen for snack time!

        It’s normal to be a bit peckish after a long afternoon in the classroom, but what they are chowing down on can have a serious impact on their long-term oral health. So, what do your kids reaching for? Cookies? Cake? Candy? Chips? Pretzels? Apple slices with peanut butter? Popcorn? The choices are endless, but over time those choices matter!

          Constantly snacking on foods high in sugars and starches can cause those foods to adhere to the teeth. As those foods adhere to the teeth they can slowly wear off the enamel and chew away through the tooth causing cavities and potentially tooth decay. Instead of the sugary snack foods try these teeth-friendly snacks for the kids when they come home starving — these snacks also provide great nourishment for their bodies, too!

Leafy Greens & Fresh Veggies:

          Offering children fresh greens like collard greens or spinach provide excellent sources of calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, & magnesium all of which are vital to gum and tooth health. Veggies like broccoli or celery are great, too! They provide high-fiber content, and also provide a “brushing” kind of effect to keep teeth clean when eaten raw.

          Moreover, if the kids want some crunch in their snack simply make your own veggie chips! Kale or carrots can make a great base! Mix your veggies in some olive oil till they are coated. Put them in the oven for 12 minutes, and flip! Bake till crunchy!

Cheese, Milk, & Yogurt:

      Dairy provides an excellent, nutritious source of calcium to help strengthen teeth. Dairy can also help cut the acid level in the mouth down caused by things like sugary juices and such. It can help lessen the erosion of the teeth, and promote better oral health. Some fruit and yogurt parfaits with some granola or another healthy grain on top can provide pickier eaters a variety and some sweetness added to their snack if plain yogurt is not going to get it done!

Fruits High in Vitamin C:

     Vitamin C helps build up the gum-line keeping them from being punctured, injured, or infected due to a breakdown in the collagen networks that make up the strength of the gums. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, etc. are great snacks and sources of Vitamin C to keep the gums strong into the future. Create kabobs out of these fruits and some berries (high in antioxidants) along with low-fat cheeses to provide fun snacks!

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