Ramona Dentistry Debunks Seven Common Myths about Sleep Apnea

Ramona Dentistry Debunks Seven Common Myths about Sleep Apnea

Jan 01, 2020

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body. People often misunderstand that eight hours of sleep at any time of the day is enough for a healthy body and mind. Sound eight hours of sleep at night increase your effectiveness. Some people say that snoring while sleeping is a sign of deep and peaceful sleep. This is another misconception. Sleep apnea is becoming a common problem among people. They characterize it by different characteristics. Most of the identifications are incorrect because people follow myths. Here are the seven most common myths about sleep apnea along with the facts that you must know.

#1: Sleep Apnea Is a Problem of the Aged

The first and most common myth related to sleep apnea is an age issue. ‘I am just 25. I cannot be sleep apnea patient.’ Doctors hear this statement the most. The fact is sleep apnea is not related to age. A five-year-old kid can be affected and a seventy-year-old can be safe as well. There is no age restriction to it.

#2: Snoring Always Characterizes Sleep Apnea

Snoring is considered as a sign of deep sleep. Note that this is not true at all. Snoring is not a good sign. Instead, it is a symptom of sleep apnea. Now people misunderstand things a bit. If they listen anyone snoring, they declare the person a sleep apnea patient. Everyone who snores is not a patient. Not every patient snores every night. Understand the difference to make your life easier and free from misconceptions.

#3: Health Risks Are Not Related to Sleep Apnea

Diabetes, hypertension, and other health risks are not related to sleep apnea. This is also a myth. Health hazards like these are responsible for causing sleep apnea. Also, these health risks are symptoms of sleep apnea. Do not neglect any of the health risks like hypertension. You may suffer from sleep apnea because of high blood pressure or hypertension may indicate sleep apnea. Consult a doctor before it is too late.

#4: Five Hours of Sleep Is Enough

Adults do not have to sleep for eight to nine hours every night. Sleeping five hours a night is good for health. You may be confused at this point. Studies have proved it several times that adults need at least eight hours of sleep. Teenagers require nine hours of sleep. If you go against the rule, health risks become obvious. Chino dentist near you can help you out. Visit your dentist or doctor regularly to be safe.

#5: Laziness Is Not a Symptom of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea patients are always lousy. No matter how long and peacefully they sleep, their day is never fresh. They wake up with a sleepy mind and feel lazy throughout the day. Most people confuse this laziness with a bad diet and several other reasons. For them, laziness is not a symptom of sleep apnea. Research shows that sleep apnea patients do not feel fresh. If you or anyone around you feel lazy, do not advise them to get sleep or maintain a healthy diet, recommend a doctor. They might need sleep apnea treatment in Chino.

#6: Only Obese People Have Sleep Apnea

People who are overweight can have sleep apnea. Approximately 20 percent of people with low body weight has been found with sleep apnea. Do not follow the myth that your lower body weight will keep you safe from sleep apnea. You may be wrong. Not all obese people have sleep apnea. Every sleep apnea patient is not obese.

#7: Sleep Apnea Is Not a Dangerous Problem

Ignoring sleep apnea is not a good choice. Do not consider this health problem risk-free. You may embrace many other problems like insomnia and hypertension. Sleep apnea should be given the same importance you would give to any other health hazard. It is not just a snoring problem or tiredness. It is much more than that. Getting it cured will close the gateways to other health risks. 

Treating sleep apnea is not tough. You can visit us whenever you feel the need. If you have any symptoms of sleep apnea, our doctors will help you. Visit Ramona Dentistry now to get sleep apnea treated on time. Feel free to call us now to schedule an appointment with our dentist near you. We also welcome patients living in Diamond Bar, Pomona, Russian Village District, Ontario, South Greenswood Place, Los Serranos, Chino Hills, Ontario Ranch, Albers Way, and in surrounding communities.

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