Seasonal Allergies & Your Oral Health

Seasonal Allergies & Your Oral Health

Apr 27, 2017

It’s not the first thing you think of when you think of allergy season, but allergy season can also have an impact on your gums and teeth as well as oral health as well. The following are all things to consider when thinking of allergies and oral health:

Tooth Pain:

      It’s common to feel a pounding pain in the open cavities of the upper part of the nose during allergy season. Your nose can fill with mucus and saliva as you fight off pollens and dust that cause the allergies. This can cause a pound pain in the upper back part of the mouth that causes the upper molars to feel tender and sometime sore. This can be accompanied by an extreme sensitivity to foods or drinks that are hot or cold. Pain may vary based on your position of sitting, standing, or lying down. Antihistamines are the best prevention to help alleviate this pain. If the antihistamines take care of the tooth ache then it was likely sinus related, but if the pain continues see your dentist.

Dry Mouth:

        Sometimes having a stuffy nose can cause you to have to breathe through your mouth. This can cause dry mouth. Sometimes a side-effect of antihistamines is also a dry mouth. Either way be sure to sip plenty of water throughout the day as dry mouth can leave a better chance of cavities and allows bad bacteria to grow in the mouth.

Sore Throat:

In this case, the sore throat is likely caused by postnasal drip. There isn’t much you can do about it at that point. It also may cause bad breath, but it originates deep in the throat so brushing teeth won’t help. Possibly try chewing sugar-free gum or having a mint.

What to Do: To help ensure premium oral health during allergy season ensure you follow these steps listed below:

  • Stay Hydrated: Constantly sipping water throughout the day can help you avoid dry mouth that can also cause a greater chance of bad bacteria multiplying and causing cavities.
  • Gargle w/Salt Water: Dissolving a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water then using it to gargle with can help draw the mucus out of your sinuses. Continue gargling and spitting till the glass of water is gone. It can also kill bad bacteria in the mouth and throat. *Do not drink this water it has a high amount of sodium and is not good to ingest!
  • Keep Brushing & Flossing: Keep brushing at least twice a day, and be sure to floss every evening before brushing to keep oral health at its best.
  • Treat Your Allergies: Take the antihistamines or vaccinations to help with your allergies. Avoid the allergy triggers. If basic treatments do not help, talk to your doctor to figure out what you are allergic to and also to how to treat the allergy symptoms.
  • Talk to Your Doctor: If allergies are leaving you with sore, sensitive teeth and dry mouth talk to your dentist about remedies for the problem.
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