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Custom Mouth Guards

What are Custom Mouthguards?

A custom mouth guard is a dental appliance made by your dentist. It is helpful in many ways but is most often used for protecting the teeth and mouth while sleeping and to prevent nighttime grinding of the teeth.

How Custom Mouth Guards Help You?

1) Sports Safety

Thousands of injuries each year are prevented thanks to mouth guards. A mouth guard works by absorbing the force or trauma that would have been placed in the mouth. While a mouth guard can be purchased from a sporting goods store, a custom mouth guard made by our dentist near you is made by taking an imprint of your mouth, so it fits your mouth perfectly. This is more desirable since gaps or spaces in a mouth guard can leave room for an injury to still occur. The tighter the fit of the mouth guard, the safer the mouth guard is.

2) Helps with TMJ

TMJ is the abbreviated term for the temporomandibular joint, but is also used to refer to the issues that can affect this joint. The TMJ is the jaw hinge that attaches your lower jaw to the skull. This vital joint is incredibly important, and any issues that harm it can get progressively worse and worse. Bruxism is the involuntary grinding of teeth while sleeping, which can be a symptom of TMJ or a side effect. A custom mouth guard worn while sleeping helps to stop the grinding action of bruxism while also keeping the jaw in a position that can help the joint relax. If you also suffer from sleep apnea, a custom mouth guard from our Chino dentist can help keep the airway open.

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