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Dental Bridges

When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, there are many options available. While a dental implant is a great option for many people, some are not able to get dental implants or do not want to commit to the procedure. For those patients, dental bridges in Chino, CA, offer a fantastic alternative by our tooth bridge dentist near you.

What are Dental Bridges?

Like a bridge that straddles a river or open area, a dental bridge goes over the space where a tooth or teeth are missing. The natural teeth on either end of the open space are used as anchors for the artificial tooth or teeth to be held in place. The natural teeth will have dental crowns affixed to the top to act as the anchors. Because of this fact, it is important that the neighboring teeth are healthy and able to have dental crowns be attached.

The artificial tooth or teeth are made of very realistic and natural components in order to help them blend into the rest of the mouth. Since each mouth is different, each bridge is specially crafted by our dentist in Chino, CA for each patient. This includes mimicking the shape and color of the teeth nearly identically.

Benefits of Dental Bridge Treatment

A dental bridges in Chino, CA, treatment can help many people fill in gaps and leave our office with a big smile on their face. No matter what option is recommended for you, it is incredibly important to replace a missing tooth. Otherwise, you could experience:

  • The remaining teeth spreading and getting crooked
  • Damage to remaining teeth since they are taking on a greater chewing force
  • Deterioration of jawbone

Visit Our Tooth Bridge Dentist Near You

If you dentist has recommended dental bridges in Chino, CA, and you are planning to get it done. Feel free to call us now to book a consultation with our tooth bridge dentist near you in 91710. You can also visit our clinic if you are residing in surrounding areas. We are accepting new patients.

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