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Digital X-Rays

X-rays have been one of the most helpful innovations in the entirety of the medical field. Being able to successfully see what is going on inside a bone, tooth, or organ, has helped doctors and dentists to diagnose their patients successfully for years. For dentist near you, being able to see if small cavities are developing inside the tooth or if the roots are infected, can greatly help them take care of their patients.

Benefits of Dental Digital X-Rays

However, traditional x-rays definitely had some drawbacks, but they were overlooked since they were so helpful. Luckily, we are now able to digitally take x-rays, which helps our patients and us in so many ways.

  • Less RadiationDigital x-rays actually require 90% radiation than traditional x-rays, meaning our patients are exposed to a considerably smaller amount of radiation.
  • Cost-Effective – Traditional x-rays were expensive! The film and chemicals required to develop the x-rays often translated to x-rays not being as cost effective as they should be.
  • Efficient and Space Saving – Digital x-rays are available almost immediately after they are taken which helps us keep appointment times lower. Saving x-rays used to be an issue due to the eventual deterioration of the images and the physical space they took up. With digital images, we can save them forever, meaning we can take a look back at your complete history to see if any issues are developing.
  • Green – The chemicals used for traditional x-rays were not only expensive, but they were also not good for the environment. Our amount of waste is greatly reduced by using digital x-rays.

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