Socket Preservation After Tooth Extraction Using Bone Grafting

Socket Preservation After Tooth Extraction Using Bone Grafting

Jul 08, 2019
While nature replaces your primary teeth, once your permanent tooth is lost, it’s gone forever. It is for this reason, the dentist in Ramona tries their best to save the patient’s teeth without extracting them. However, extraction may not be avoided in all circumstances. Wisdom teeth or abscessed teeth are often required to be extracted. The natural response of the body to tooth extraction is to create a blood clot over the vacant socket. The clot initiates the healing process of the gum, bone, and other tissues of the affected area. It also makes a protective barrier over the exposed nerve endings and jawbone during the healing and recovery process.

Why is Socket Preservation Important?

Each tooth is attached to the jaw bone with an intricate network of bone, soft tissue, nerves, and ligaments. When a tooth other than a wisdom tooth is extracted, severe oral conditions can occur if the socket is not preserved. Without implants, the nerves, tissues, and bones of the socket can become compromised. The compromised bone of the socket can weaken additional bone tissue of the jaw. If the socket is not preserved after a tooth loss, the surrounding teeth can move into the empty spot-causing crooked teeth and a misaligned bite.

Getting the Socket Ready For Implants

The socket will need to be preserved in the case where a dental implant is to be inserted in the place of the lost tooth. For implants, one needs sufficient jaw bone density for the implant to be securely attached. After tooth extraction, the soft tissue of the gums and nerves as well as the bone tissue of the jaw are weak and in the initial stages of healing and rebuilding. A patient needs to wait for some time after tooth extraction for getting dental implants. Bone grafts can help in socket preservation. As soon as the socket heals, it’s ready for implants. Socket preservation, bone grafting has improved and advanced over the period of time. It is estimated that implant dentistry in Chino, CA, will become much more popular in the coming years
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