The Bacteria Battle in the Mouth

The Bacteria Battle in the Mouth

Apr 27, 2017

Every day there is plenty of both good and bad bacteria living in your mouth. Both bacteria effect your teeth in many ways. Only you can ensure that the good bacteria need to be more numerous than the bad to ensure your teeth are being kept healthy.

       Many people have this false concept that because enamel is the hardest substance mostly made up of minerals that there is nothing that can penetrate the enamel. That’s actually wrong! Enamel is actually rather porous! When you lose the tooth enamel the teeth are weakened and they are also exposed to being decayed which is also called “demineralization”. If enough enamel is taken away cavities are what are formed. However, the good news is that this can be stopped! Tooth enamel can also be strengthened by receiving enough minerals and nutrients through one’s diet which is also called “remineralization”. This relies on the proper foods going into your mouth each day to be able to perform “remineralization” to the teeth.

   The bad guys are the bad bacteria in the mouth that cause the cavities to form or plaque to build up around the gums and teeth! Some of these bacteria include Strep Sobrinas, Strep Mutans, Strep Salivarious are a few of the bacteria that are in carbohydrates that turn into sugars and chew through the tooth’s enamel and produce harmful acids in the process. This is how “demineralization” occurs where the enamel is worn off the teeth. This leaves teeth susceptible to both decay and in extreme cases tooth loss when left untreated. Sure, there are always tooth replacements or dentures, but believe us when we say it’s easier just to keep the regular teeth you have healthy as possible!

    All is not lost! Saliva is a secret ammunition of sorts that can help combat against the decay and rotting factor in the teeth! There are many minerals in saliva that help keep the teeth protected and healthy including fluoride., calcium, and phosphate that help deposit these minerals back into the tooth enamel to keep it from wearing off. The more enamel that is kept on the teeth, the better the teeth are protected. This keeps our smiles healthy and strong.  Saliva not only helps with “remineralization” of the teeth, but also helps keep the pH in the mouth in balance healthy even after we eat very acidic foods.

      What is at stake if we don’t keep our mouths healthy? Our dental health is at stake!

       The number one complaint people have when they are getting dental implants or dentures are, “I would I would have taken better care of my teeth then I wouldn’t be in this position!” After the implants people say, “Sure I like my new teeth, but it would have been so much cheaper and easier if I just had taken care of the original ones I had!”

       The good news is that this battle is something you have some say in! You can promote good oral health and tooth “remineralization” by practicing healthy mouth habits! You are the ultimate protector of your own teeth! Eating a healthy diet is the best choice you can make to help provide “remineralization” of your teeth! Choosing foods like cheese, eggs, celery, apples, or wild caught fish provide great choices for nutrients as well as helping protect the teeth. On the other hand, limit the sugary drinks, cookies, cakes, candy, chips, etc. that are high in sugar and carbohydrates as those foods “demineralize” teeth and ruin the enamel left on your teeth!

      Ensure you are brushing with a toothpaste that includes fluoride! That helps protect your teeth against decay and rot! It also helps rid the mouth of any plaque that may be trying to build up in there!

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