The Truth About Root Canals

The Truth About Root Canals

Root canals sound much worse than they are. In fact, they are a great way to help decaying teeth get healthy again and stay healthy. What would someone even need a root canal? Trying to keep each tooth clean and healthy can be hard work. Regular brushing can help prevent ordinary, surface tooth decay.

Excessive build-up of bacteria can cause decay and infection all the way to the root. If decay and infection reach that far, no amount of brushing will prevent the spread of infection. The tooth may even require extraction if the nerve endings are affected and the tooth’s nerve endings die. Some teeth just may not be able to survive without the help of a root canal. But a dying tooth can be saved by a root canal.

How does a root canal work? The dentist will remove the decay and unwanted bacteria from the root area. Once the infected area is completely cleared away and the root area cleaned, your dentist can seal it with a biocompatible material and perhaps a temporary crown or filling. Eventually, the dentist will put in a permanent filling or crown.

Still don’t like the sound of root canals? Consider that an infected tooth can permeate the gum area and jawbone, causing the infection to spread and irreparable damage to the tooth. A tooth area that once needed a root canal but was neglected can cause more severe dental issues. Consider the alternatives. Conditions such as fistulas (puss or blood- filled bumps on your gums), abscesses or chronic pain when eating or drinking hot or cold substances could develop if the infected tooth goes untreated.

So What Is The Truth About Root Canals?

A root canal can not only resolve current infection but prevent any further infection in that area. The truth about root canals is that they can save you and your dentist a whole lot of frustration and extra dental work in the long run.