Tooth Extractions Vs. Socket Preservation

Tooth Extractions Vs. Socket Preservation

May 14, 2020

Dentists are routinely extracting teeth like impacted wisdom teeth or a severely decayed molar. The extraction leaves behind a tiny hole where the tooth existed. This is a socket of the tooth which can be highly sensitive after the extraction. Therefore dentists will recommend socket preservation after the extraction. It is important to protect the socket for many reasons and therefore you are suggested to read this article to understand the importance of socket preservation.

Why Preserve The Socket?

The socket needs to be protected to avoid the development of a dry socket which forms if the blood clot protecting the healing area dislodges for any reason to expose the nerve beneath it. Safeguarding the socket as well preserve the alveolar bone which is a strip of the bone surrounding the roots of the teeth to which they are attached to. If you do not preserve the socket it creates a deformity in the alveolar ridge you will find things difficult when you decide to have replacement teeth in the form of a dental implant. The dentist near you will have to ensure that adequate bone level is present to replace the extracted tooth in the future.

What Can Socket Preservation Do?

The Journal of Canadian Dental Association has noted it is common for the bone that supported the extracted tooth to melt away after extraction and therefore does not serve any purpose. When the bone melts away gaps form between the teeth moving the teeth out of alignment. It is the reason why a socket preservation is recommended by the dentist in Chino, CA, at the same time as the tooth extraction procedure.

The procedure of preserving a socket or alveolar ridge requires placing a bone graft into the socket where the tooth earlier existed. The graft can be made from synthetic materials like a bone from other animals or human bone. After the dentist inserts the graft into the socket he or she generally covers it up with a collagen membrane before stitching the opening to close it.

Is Socket Preservation Essential?

The aim of preserving the socket is to improve the appearance of the remaining teeth and gums and to ensure the process of getting a dental implant at some point in the future is not complicated. Not every dentist offers this procedure when they are approached for tooth extractions because many practices do not consider socket preservation as necessary or valuable.

Research conducted by the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants has suggested that opinion may be shifting for the preservation of the alveolar ridge. The study concluded their findings after examining 13 papers which stated that the procedures socket preservation helped to reduce vertical and horizontal alterations in the alveolar ridge at the site of the extraction. If you are interested in this procedure it would be worth discussing the pros and cons of socket preservation with Ramona dentistry that can provide you adequate information and advice.

How to Care for Socket Preservation?

After having a tooth extracted you need to take good care of the area around the socket not just to protect your gum line but also to improve your comfort during the healing process. You may be recommended by the dentist in Chino, CA, not to brush your teeth using an extra soft toothbrush for at least 24 hours after the extraction. Advice will be provided to avoid activities that can create additional pressure in your mouth like smoking or using a straw after the extraction to prevent the clot from dislodging. These items are similar to hard foods and knockout the blood clot to cause a dry socket.

If you are concerned about a dry socket resulting from an extraction regardless of whether you have had the preservation procedure you should not be afraid to reach out to Ramona dentistry for advice. The dentist can advise you about what you can do if you are experiencing excessive bleeding or extreme pain. The procedures of tooth extraction and alveolar ridge preservation are pretty straightforward. However, you need to follow the advice provided by the dentist without exceptions if you intend to recover without a hitch. Socket preservation can help you after tooth extraction especially if you are planning to have replacements for the extracted teeth.

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