Tooth Removal/Tooth Extractions

Tooth Removal/Tooth Extractions

Teeth are removed for many reasons including decay that has reached deep root levels, infections that have destroyed the tooth and surrounding bone, and there not being enough room for all the teeth in one’s mouth. Many dentists will also recommend extracting teeth that are only partially erupted as bacteria can enter around a partially erupted tooth and can cause infections which can extend into the surrounding bone and compromise other teeth. This is often done to save removing more teeth later and having pain in the future.

How Are Teeth Removed?

The dentist will remove your entire medical and oral history before removing a tooth and will take any appropriate X-Rays needed to complete the job properly. X-Rays will reveal the length, shape, and exact placement of the tooth so the dentist can remove it more accurately and so they know what they are dealing with before they go into the job.

Before removal, you will receive anesthesia for the tooth so you do not experience any pain. The anesthesia will be local in the mouth where the tooth is being removed from.

What Can I Expect After an Extraction?

It is critical to keep the area clean and ensure you prevent infection after the extraction. You will need to bite down on a piece of gauze to help keep the area dry and allow clotting following the procedure. This will probably last about 30-45 minutes until bleeding completely stops. You shouldn’t smoke, rinse your mouth vigorously, or clean next to the extraction site for 24 hours following the procedure as the area heals.

A certain amount of pain/discomfort can be expected in the area when the anesthesia wears off and at the same time, the dentist may prescribe a painkiller to help with the pain if it is expected to be more severe, or you had more or more one teeth extracted at a time. You should also limit strenuous activity long as your dentist recommends, and also not drink hot liquids or drink through a straw for long as he tells you not to do so.

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