Why Mouth Guards are Essential

Why Mouth Guards are Essential

Apr 16, 2019
The probability of getting an injury in the Mouth, teeth and jaw is really high while playing sports. Protecting it with a Mouth Guard minimizes the chances of this injury. Mouth Guards are the most important protective equipment for athletes that play any kind of sports. They are inexpensive compared to what amount of money one would need in order to repair a broken tooth. Also, precaution is always better than cure. You can fix a broken bone but it is never the same. The cost to repair a tooth is not just limited to expensive one-time surgery. It also includes resting, therapies, medicines and other protective measures that you need to take care of making sure that the tooth gets as good as it was before. It also includes months of time spent with the decreasing pain in the mouth. Using a Mouth Guard is the best way to ensure the safety of your teeth as well as your bank balance.

Which Sports Should Require Mouth Guards?

It is a huge misconception that only sports like football and hockey need a mouth guard or tooth protection. Most people just relate these two sports with mouth or dental injury. While basketball has a higher chance of hurting your teeth than football or hockey. This means you need mouth guards in all kinds of hazardous sports. Football, hockey, basketball, baseball, boxing, gymnastics and skating to name a few. If the sport you are playing has even a minute chance of injuring your teeth, mouth or jaw in any way, you need a mouth guard. When an elbow hits the player with a mouth guard on, it not only saves his mouth but also saves the elbow from getting injured from sharp teeth.

No More Excuses

A parent should not leave the decision of wearing a mouth guard or not on their minor children. As young children might not be able to see the long term benefits of a mouth guard and choose not to use it. Ramona Dentistry cares for you and wants the best of you, which is why we insist you to purchase a good durable mouth guard and ensure a safe career for your child.
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