Conducting a Dental Self-Examination at Home

Conducting a Dental Self-Examination at Home

Conducting a Dental Self-Examination at Home:

Start to conduct the examination when you are relaxed and have an hour’s worth or more of free time. A small mirror that you purchase at a drug store and a flashlight are necessary tools to have on hand. Begin with the last tooth on the left side of the lower jaw. Gently pull the check back away from the tooth and with the other hand shine the light on your back teeth. Use the mirror to see the teeth reflecting in it. Now check every tooth individually in your mouth checking for the following criteria:

  • Is the tooth broken or does it have a filling?
  • Is there anything noticeably black on the tooth?
  • Is this tooth stained? Is there tartar or plaque buildup on the tooth?
  • Is the tooth crooked? Is the tooth chipped/cracked or have a filling that is chipped/cracked?

Check every tooth along the bottom and the top of the mouth individually. For many, this may be the first time you have seen the inside of your mouth. Go slowly and inspect each tooth carefully and thoroughly.

In the end, you should be able to determine the basics about your teeth including how many teeth you have, the spaces between each tooth, if any stains appear (yellowing or discoloration), any tooth that has been worn away at (enamel missing or tooth filed/ground down), if there is plaque or tartar buildup on the teeth, if you see any tiny “pinpoint” holes in the teeth (possibly a cavity), and if the gums are a healthy, pleasant pink color.

If you found anything concerning or have pain or discomfort then it’s a time to see the dentist ensure you do not have any worse problems in there.

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