Dental Consultations & 2nd Opinions

Dental Consultations & 2nd Opinions

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Dental Consultations & 2nd Opinions

Unfortunately, many of our patients let us know that they have had procedures with other dentists that they didn’t quite understand. Too many patients say they were forced or intimidated into a procedure that they did not think they needed. You should never feel uncomfortable or unsure about a dental procedure!

Dental Consultations in Chino, CA

At Ramona Dentistry, we are committed to making sure that our patients understand the procedure that is recommended for them as well as the reasoning behind getting the procedure. We will always take an extra minute or two in order to answer any questions you may have. We encourage our patients to ask questions since it is the best way to learn more about their oral health.

If you are not currently a patient of ours but are not satisfied with your current dentists’ explanation of a treatment or procedure, give us a call at Ramona Dentistry to set up a 2nd opinion dental consultation. Just like with medical doctors, 2nd opinions are important when looking at the possibility of getting an expensive treatment. We are more than happy to go through your dentist’s recommendation and let you know if we agree. Oftentimes, the cost of a procedure can be reduced by changing materials or prioritizing what is more necessary.

Trust is important when it comes to a dentist and patient’s relationship, and we are committed to ensuring our patients fully understand any diagnosis or needed treatment. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you in any way we can!