Tooth Extractions & Socket Preservation

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Tooth Extractions & Socket Preservation

Why Need Tooth Extraction?

There are many reasons a tooth needs to be extracted such as decay, to make space for orthodontic procedures or to remove unneeded wisdom teeth. In instances of decay, our dentists in 91710 will always do their best to help preserve the tooth by using a treatment like a tooth filling or root canals, but if the decay progresses and goes below the gum line, there is often little that can be done to save the tooth. While tooth extraction is not ideal in most instances, ensuring the proper extraction of the tooth and healing of the area becomes our main priority.

What is Socket Preservation?

After tooth extraction, the jaw bone below the removed tooth could start to dissolve. This can be irreversible and can cause additional issues. In some instances, a bone graft may be needed in order to help with socket preservation and prevent deterioration of the jaw after an extraction. This can also help our dentist in Chino, CA to prepare the area for a dental implant that will require adequate jaw bone to get implanted properly.

Post-Tooth Extraction Care Tips

  • To help the blood clot form, bite down on gauze for about 30 minutes. If bleeding continues, swap out for clean gauze and bite down for another 30 minutes. Repeat until bleeding stops.
  • Avoid dislodging the blood clot by not creating suction in the mouth. This includes drinking through a straw, smoking cigarettes or rinsing too aggressively.
  • Avoid hard and crunchy food for several days. It is best to start with cold and mushy foods, so enjoy some ice cream while recovering.
  • Avoid sports or physical exertion for several days.

Get Tooth Extraction Near You

If you are planning for tooth extraction in Chino, CA, call us now or schedule an appointment with our tooth removal dentist near Los Serranos. Our dentist also cater to patients residing in the surrounding location like Boys Republic, Butterfield Ranch, and many more.

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