Five Reasons Making Dental Implants the Best for Tooth Replacements

Five Reasons Making Dental Implants the Best for Tooth Replacements

Sep 01, 2021

After losing a tooth or several teeth, you can consider many different options for replacing the teeth. Solutions like dentures and bridges or dental implants are available for quite some time. However, do you know which solution is best suited for your specific requirements? If not, it helps to discuss the replacement option with the dentist near you to receive a reliable solution resembling your natural teeth.

When compared to dental bridges or dentures, dental implants are unique because they are the sole replacement solution embedded into your jawbone in a surgical process. Titanium helps make the dental implant which functions as your artificial tooth root after embedding it into your jawbone and allowing it to heal for several months. The healing process is necessary for the implant to integrate with your jawbone and become part of your body. After completed osseointegration, the healing process, the tooth implant dentist attaches a dental crown over it to appear and function similar to your natural tooth.

What Are the Five Causes to Consider When Getting Dental Implants for Your Missing Teeth?

There are many reasons why you must get missing tooth replacements with dental implants. However, the main reasons for choosing dental implants over other options are the following:

Restore and Maintain Facial Appearance

When you lose your natural teeth, your facial appearance begins to sag, making you look older than you are. However, dental implants can restore and help maintain your facial appearance by preventing jawbone resorption from keeping you looking youthful.

Prevent Shifting of the Remaining Teeth

Your remaining teeth began shifting towards the vacant space left by the missing tooth or teeth creating misalignments in your mouth and giving rise to dental infections like tooth decay and gum disease. If left untreated, you may require orthodontic treatment to correct misalignments and dental treatments for the other problems that affect you. On the other hand, if you have dental implants to replace the missing teeth, the placements help keep your remaining teeth in place and prevent them from shifting.

Prevent Jawbone Resorption

One consequence of tooth loss no one realizes is how the jawbone begins to decay and diminish after losing teeth. The process called jawbone resorption is what makes you look older than you are. When you have dental implants in Chino, CA, you replace the missing tooth root helping your jawbone to remain healthy.

Dental Implants Are Superior to Dentures

You may think dentures are an affordable option and are in use for several years. Therefore you may consider having them instead of dental implants. However, are you aware dentures are uncomfortable and tend to slip during the day, making it challenging for you to eat and speak? In addition, dentures often require repair and replacements every five to seven years. In contrast, dental implants will cost you higher initially but remain with you for a lifetime with proper dental care. Therefore implants are a better option for replacing your natural teeth than dentures.

Dental Bridges Do Not Come Close in Comparison with Dental Implants

Another tooth replacement solution, dental bridges, may entice you with lower costs and a placement procedure that is less time-consuming. However, bridges damage the structure of the surrounding teeth besides endangering your jawbone’s health because the adjacent teeth secure bridges instead of getting the security needed by an artificial tooth root. In addition, the problems you encounter with bridges make it a pricier option for replacing teeth than dental implants, confirming that the higher investment you make in implant placements eventually becomes economical.

Before getting dental implants, you must have your oral and physical health evaluated by the Chino dentist to confirm whether dental implants are suitable for your unique situation. For example, you may need bone grafting surgery if you have an inadequate jawbone before implant placement.

The dentist creates a personalized treatment plan explicitly for you, detailing how you must care for your general health besides your oral health during the implant placement procedure. The surgery itself is completed in one visit under local anesthesia but requires plenty of healing time before you can have your custom-created dental crown over the implant. Dentists recommend you refrain from smoking during the implant placement procedure because the chemicals in tobacco are detrimental to your health and hinder osseointegration. So long as you are committed to the dental implant procedure, rest assured you can have natural-looking artificial teeth to replace your missing teeth in a few months. If you are concerned about the gaps in your mouth, request your dentist provide temporary replacements until your jawbone has healed to have the dental crown over the implant. For dental implants visit our dental office or make an appointment with us. We also serve nearby areas like Ontario Ranch, South Caldwell Avenue, Los Serranos, Rolling Ridge, Narod & Pomona.

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