Commonly Asked Questions on Mouth Guards | Everything You Need to Know

Commonly Asked Questions on Mouth Guards | Everything You Need to Know

Oct 01, 2022

What is a Mouthguard?

Mouthguards are customized and flexible mouth protectors designed to be worn over teeth. It helps people participating in recreational and athletic activities from damage and potential trauma to the mouth. They serve as a barrier between cheeks and braces or teeth, between tongue and lips. Speak to our dentist or orthodontist near you about choosing the mouthguard that offers the ultimate protection for your needs.

How Do I Wear a Mouthguard?

Put the mouth protector in hot water (not boiling) to make it soft. Now, insert it into the mouth and use your fingers to press it onto the front and molar teeth. Then, bite down for 20 seconds to fit the mouthguard properly.

Can I Drink Water with the Mouthguard?

Yes, you can drink water while wearing the mouthguard. But it is important to brush and floss your teeth before wearing them. It will help to eradicate the bacteria and leftover food bits accumulated between the teeth, reducing mouthguard staining and decay.

Can I Soak my Mouthguard in Listerine?

No, avoid immersing your guard in the Listerine mouthwash because it can result in damage.

Should I Clean My Mouthguard Daily?

Yes. Like your oral hygiene routine, it is vital to follow a good mouthguard cleaning routine. So, cleaning every night and morning stops the transfer of mouth bacteria onto the guard.

Use toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush to clean your guard with cool water. Avoid scrubbing the guard harshly. It’s because it can form timely scratches where bacteria could thrive.

How Long Does the Mouthguard Last?

When you maintain or store the mouthguard properly, it stays for 3 – 5 years. A good rule of thumb is to replace your custom device every year.

Do Mouthguards Straighten Teeth?

A tailored mouthguard does not offer straight teeth. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of mouth trauma, jaw clenching, tooth grinding, etc.

Can I Talk with the Mouthguard in?

Yes. A proper fit and slim mouthguard let you communicate with others effectively while you are wearing it.

Do Mouthguards Stop Snoring?

Yes. These mouth protectors help patients prevent teeth clenching and grinding at night. They are also effective in treating snoring.

How Often Should I Replace My Sports Mouthguard?

It is crucial for teens or kid athletes to replace the guard every six months or at the end of the sports season. It’s because their mouths are in the growing stage. The use of a mouthguard prevents injuries.

Should You Wear the Mouthguard Every Night?

Yes. If you have severe bruxism, our dentist in 91710 suggests wearing the guard every night. Wearing it every night prevents damage to the teeth.

Does a Mouthguard Help with TMJ Symptoms?

Mouthguards are an essential part of TMJ treatment. They minimize or eradicate the condition that causes TMJ pain. A daytime mouthguard works by addressing teeth clenching and biting behavior that makes TMJ symptoms worse. However, if the TMJ signs are severe, it is vital to wear the guard both night and day.

Who Might Need a Mouthguard?

Adults and kids require a guard that:

  • Take part in contact sports such as soccer, football, hockey, and lacrosse.
  • Clenches or grinds teeth.
  • Plays non-contact sports or physical activities with a high-fall risk such as biking or ice skating.

How Do You Sleep with the Mouthguard?

The dental professional advises wearing a mouthguard during sleep if you grind teeth or have OSA. Check out how to sleep with your mouth protector:

a) Identify the Reason for Discomfort

Is your guard causing a gag reflex? Does it feel too large or make your whole mouth shift? Get in touch with a dentist if any of these problems causes discomfort.

b) Do Preparation

Wear a lower and upper guard if you are a light sleeper. They are smaller and help you adapt to the bulky mouthguard.

c) Use it Before Going to the Bed

It will take some time to adapt to the new guard. You can begin using the mouth protector before sleeping.

Can Mouthguards Make Your Gums Recede?

Mouthguards protect the gums. But, when your device does not have a proper fit, damaged or dirty, it can damage the gums.

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