Studies Show Whiter Teeth Lead to Success in Both Work & Love

Studies Show Whiter Teeth Lead to Success in Both Work & Love

Apr 12, 2017

Independent studies have begun to show that there is a link between whiter teeth and the success one has in social situations, interpersonal relationships, and in professional business settings. This is just another great reason to take care of your smile. It’s a great reason to keep your teeth white as possible beyond just the plain health of your teeth.

These studies determined this conclusion by having people simulate social activities like job interviews, dates, and nights out with friends. 53% of participants were more likely to be hired and 58% received a higher salary after receiving their teeth-whitening treatment. 54% were more likely to get a date after having their teeth whitened.

Moreover, individual confidence skyrocketed after the teeth-whitening treatments were provided. 65% cited that they felt they were viewed more professionally after their treatments, and 61% felt more confident in their appearance and ability to get a job after their treatment. This was out of a study of 1,006 participants.

Moreover, out of the participating members a total 68% believed appearance was indicative of their professionalism, 64% believed appearance was indicative of their financial successes, & 52% believed appearances were indicative of their trustworthiness.

Clearly, we can conclude that our smile does far more than just boost self-confidence or make us “feel good” about ourselves. A good smile can help sell us to others in social, interpersonal, and professional atmospheres that can impact and change our lives completely in many different arenas, whether we notice it or not.

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