Things to Do If Your Gums Are Bleeding

Things to Do If Your Gums Are Bleeding

Apr 07, 2017

If your gums are bleeding constantly when you brush or floss, this is not a symptom you want to ignore. There are many reasons you may have constantly bleeding from the gums for many other reasons including things like gingivitis or a side-effect of a possible pregnancy. However, if you are starting to floss or brush regularly after a bout of not doing so the gums may bleed a little bit for a few weeks till they are healed and used to the new cleaning routine.

Stepping up your oral care and keeping your mouth in top shape can help eliminate future bleeding when brushing and flossing. The plaque built up along the gum line can make the gums sensitive and cause bleeding. Be sure to floss every evening and brush at least 2-3x per day to ensure premium oral health. Rinse with water after meals to keep the food particles from creating plaque in your mouth.

Be sure to also ensure you are using quality tools to care for your gums and teeth. If you have cheap oral hygiene tools those could be causing your gum to bleed due to the harsh nature of the treatment being applied to the mouth. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends a soft-bristled toothbrush that is not too hard on the gum line to brush with, and a quality floss that slides between teeth without irritation to keep your mouth from having problems with the tools being used. Also, be sure not to press too hard, as your tools might be just fine but the extra pressure you are applying may be causing your gums and mouth to bleed as you are being too rough when cleaning.

Certain medications can make your gums and mouth more likely to bleed, too. If you frequently take aspirin or blood thinners this can cause the mouth and gums to be more sensitive than it would otherwise be to things like brushing and flossing, and even a little bit of pressure or cleaning might cause problems. Also, medications dosages might need changed a bit, as that may cause the bleeding.

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