Oral Health Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Oral Health Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Mar 04, 2022

Do you think dentists recommend root canal treatments without reason? Root canal therapy is recommended by dentists only when you have dental pulp infections inside your tooth and complain about excruciating pain with lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in the affected tooth. Recommendations for the treatment are provided to eradicate the infection from your mouth, preserve your oral health, and not merely generate revenue.

Are you aware of the oral health benefits of this treatment? If not, we suggest you continue reading this article to understand how your oral and overall health improves by having this therapy.

How Did You Develop Dental Pulp Infections?

Your teeth have a solid outer layer called enamel and a second layer beneath dentin. Beneath the dentin lies the soft center of your tooth, housing the dental pulp. The dental pulp, in turn, is home to blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves that nourish your tooth during its developmental stages. You develop dental pulp infections when you have an untreated cavity in your mouth, repeated dental procedures on the same tooth, or a chipped or cracked tooth.

When you leave your dental condition untreated for long, the bacteria in your mouth eventually infect the dental pulp. Root canal therapy provided by the dentist in Chino, CA, is the only treatment available to eliminate dental pulp infections. However, if you overlook the recommendation or ignore the need for this treatment, you have an alternative to get your tooth extracted by the dentist and seek replacements at costly prices.

How Does the Oral Health Benefit from Root Canals?

Dental pulp infections tend to expand quickly to infect your jawbone and remaining teeth. If you allow the infection to stay in your tooth, you become susceptible to overall health issues because the bacteria in your tooth enter your bloodstream to cause health complications like cardiovascular issues, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Getting root canal treatment in Chino, CA, helps prevent all health conditions that need treatments from different medical professionals instead of dentists. Most importantly, it helps preserve your natural tooth that would otherwise require extraction because your tooth can’t heal by itself, and the infection continues expanding.

Root Canal Treatments Are Painful and Expensive, Aren’t They?

When you accept the proposal of the dentist near you to have root canals, you think of the pain you will experience after or during the treatment without considering the pain you currently experience. However, root canal treatments are not as painful as imagined or described. Instead, they are a mechanism to eliminate the pain you experience and let you keep your natural tooth.

Earlier, when dentistry techniques and anesthesia weren’t modernized, root canal treatments were undoubtedly painful. Currently, dentists have access to specialized instruments and modern anesthesia that make you feel you had a dental filling instead of root canals. The procedure is completed in approximately 90 minutes to three hours, depending on which tooth needs the treatment. In some cases, you may even need to revisit the dentist for a second appointment to complete the therapy if you need the treatment to eliminate infections from your molars.

You would experience some discomfort from the therapy after it is completed by the dentist, especially if you underwent the treatment with pain in the tooth. However, dentists provide over-the-counter or a prescription for painkillers to help you overcome the discomfort during your recovery.

The cost of root canal treatments is meager than the cost of replacing your affected tooth with dental implants or bridges. However, the cost of tooth replacement solutions and maintaining the replacements is much higher than undergoing root canals to eradicate an infection from your tooth. Therefore if you are recommended, root canals put your fears behind you and accept the proposal to better your oral and overall well-being from a treatment that also helps preserve your natural tooth.

What Happens When Undergoing Root Canals?

The procedure is straightforward and merely requires the removal of the infected or inflamed dental pulp from inside your tooth. You receive anesthesia to eliminate pain during the treatment as the dentist drills your tooth to access the dental pulp. They remove the pulp and clean and seal the canals with a temporary filling. Dentists recommend that you have the tooth restored soon after recovery from your regular dentist with a dental crown for strength and functionality.

Root canal-treated teeth last for a lifetime with proper dental hygiene. So long as you care for your teeth appropriately and visit your dentist for regular checkups, you can enjoy better oral and overall health.

Now that you know how root canals benefit your oral health, would you still hesitate to accept your dentist’s proposal to undergo this treatment? We are confident you will schedule an appointment with Ramona Dentistry of Chino to have this treatment and benefit from it.

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