How are Traditional Braces Removed?

How are Traditional Braces Removed?

Oct 01, 2019
Getting braces is the beginning of a journey to a better smile. Braces can correct bites, align teeth and transform smiles. It is one thing to get the braces on, and a whole different process of getting them off. After your orthodontic treatment, which can last about a year or more, getting rid of your braces is exciting anticipation. The good news is that the process of removing braces is much simpler than that of installing them. Better yet, the process is painless. You do not have to fear your orthodontist getting rid of your traditional braces in Chino, CA. Still, it helps to understand how the process works and how you can prepare for it.

What does the removal process entail?

Once you make an appointment with your dentist, the first step involves an oral checkup to investigate the state of your dental formula. If the assessment allows you to get rid of the braces, then you are ready to go. Afterward, the dentist uses a special type of pliers or clips to separate the brackets of the braces from the teeth. This is typically for the standard braces. The dentist has to use different tools for people who have braces with bands custom made for each tooth. The reason is that strong adhesive was used to bond the braces to each tooth. Once the braces are removed, the next step entails scrapping off the glue from your teeth. Some patients say that they can hear scraping when the glue is being removed from their teeth. It may also be uncomfortable if you have very sensitive teeth, especially when the dentist has to polish your enamel with a hand piece. Other than that, people do not complain about pain during the removal of traditional braces.

Do you feel anything during the process?

Removing traditional braces is typically a painless procedure. However, because of the close attachment of the braces to your teeth, it is normal to feel some pressure or tension when they are removed. The pressure is not in any way painful.

How long does the process take?

Removing braces is nothing like getting them. You do not have to spend so many hours with your orthodontist as you did for traditional braces treatment in Chino. Instead, in an hour or two, you should have all your braces off of you.

Do you need a retainer post braces?

Once the braces are removed, you will receive retainers. Retainers are part of the whole dental treatment process. Using braces shifts teeth in different ways to align them properly. The push and pull of the teeth are supported by the metal braces. When braces are removed, the teeth can get a little wiggly. Using a retainer is the way to hold the teeth in their new position. This will help get your teeth adapt to the new change and be more steady, without needing reinforcement from braces. The period of wearing a retainer differs for people. Depending on how severe your previous dental misalignment was, you may have to wear a retainer for a few years or the rest of your life. Wearing a retainer prevents the need for having braces a second time. There are different types of retainers. Some retainers are bonded, while others are invisible. Your orthodontist will recommend the best type of retainer for your situation.

Why do you need an x-ray post braces?

After your braces are removed, the dentist may need an x-ray of your face. This is a measure to inspect your bone structure. The records are also useful for future reference for your dental health.

How to care for your teeth after braces are removed

Part of caring for your newly aligned teeth has to do with wearing a retainer. This will help make the results more permanent. Besides that, you have to practice active dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice every day is a good habit to adopt. You will also need to consider flossing to get rid of food residue and debris between your teeth. Soon after the braces are removed, avoid very hot or very cold foods. Your teeth will still be sensitive a few weeks into removing the braces. Avoid very hard foods in the first few weeks after the procedure, including nuts and carrots. You should be able to resume normal eating habits after a couple of weeks. Do not make the removal of your braces the last day you visit your dentist. Checking in with your dentist will help track the progress of your dental health.
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