Laser Dentistry_What is Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry_What is Laser Dentistry

Feb 24, 2019
Have you ever wondered why aren’t dentists using more advanced technologies to treat dental problems? Or have you ever tried understanding the recent developments in dental technologies? Well – lasers and their advent in dentistry has been one of the biggest leap of faiths, for both patients and dentists. Although approved by the FDA, the American Dental Association is yet to approve lasers for several surgical procedures. That said, there are quite a few variants of hard tissue lasers and soft tissue lasers which are allowed and are being used by several dentists across USA. Here is a comprehensive guide of lasers, which are used by experts like the ones at Ramona Dentistry:

What Laser Dentistry Can Treat

Among the various types of dental problems that a laser can be used for, some of the most common use cases are:
  1. For extracting a small tissue from the mouth in order to check for cancerous cells.
  2. For expediting dental cleaning procedures.
  3. To give gums and teeth a definite shape, post removal of bacteria.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

In order to solve major dental problems, lasers play a huge role in:
  1. Providing precision to the dentists who want to keep the entire process as sharp as possible. This precision is immensely helpful in reshaping the teeth or the gums, when the bacterial infection is minute but harmful.
  2. Providing a heat source for cleaning procedures, which helps in tremendously speeding up the entire process.
  3. Helping with fast and effective removal of bacteria from both gums and the teeth.

What Happens During Laser Gum Surgery or Other Dentistry?

Usually, when lasers are used during dental procedures, the dentist are very well prepared with using the instrument and the technology. The gum surgeries hence performed tend to be very precise in nature and are wrapped up way faster than normal, non-laser gum surgeries. The effects of the lasers used in the process also depend on the types of lasers used in dentistry.

Post-Operative Expectation

The immediate effect of using a laser is that the surgery ends up quickly and with more exactness in terms of the end result.
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