Links Between Happiness, Age, & Beauty

Links Between Happiness, Age, & Beauty

The old adage of “you don’t look your age” can be said to many people. Why is this often said? The most common reason for people to not look their age is one simple concept: joy. A University of Missouri suggested this when they set out to test whether there was a connection between the perception of age and the person’s emotional state. Faces showing expressions of joy were judged to be younger by participants in the study. Sad expressions made people think that someone was older.

None of these findings are related to beauty per say, but they are related to the joy the person lives with or without in life. This makes one wonder if they may not look middle-aged because they are looking happier than other people their age. When people say that you look younger than other people your age they very well may mean it emotionally. Emotional age can show a lot of what you look like on the inside as well as on the outside.

Aging, in this contest, pertains to emotions over look which can complicate the concept of womanhood in the first place. Another 2011 study confirmed that one’s emotional expression helps make the person be identified by others as younger and also more attractive. This also suggests that possibly women who are happier are able to come to peace more with their physical traits and looks as well. Self-acceptance does often come with happiness and maturity as well as AGE. The older many people are the more they come to accept who they are instead of trying to change or fight it.

As one ages happiness is one measure of how young someone looks. So, go ahead, be happy, and look several years younger. So, the old adage goes “with age comes beauty”, well then one can say that “with happiness goes age”. The happier you are the younger many people will assume you are based on your looks as well as demeanor. So, go ahead, be happy, and be presumed to be younger than you are! Smile!

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