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Common Myths of Gum Disease

There are several common myths that seem to follow gum disease, but these misunderstandings...

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12 Signs You Need to See a Dentist

There are many reasons that you can see a dentist, including for regular 6-month checkups, however...

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Diabetes & Your Smile

There are currently about 29.1 million people in the US living with diabetes. That totals about 9.3% of the entire US population.

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The Effect of Diabetes on Oral Health

Diabetes is a condition that millions of Americans are living with every single day. There are millions of new...

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Sleep Apnea – Treatment Overviews

Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder that interrupts the sleep of millions of Americans every night, and moreover...

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Teeth Whitening for Summer

It’s the warmest months of the year that stretch ahead of us with endless time at the beach, pool, or outdoors just relaxing and spending time with family...

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3 Reasons You Should See Your Dentist in the Summer

Convenience is really the key for many people actually getting to the dentist although any time of the year..

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3 Ways to Spot Genuine vs. Fake Smiles

Oftentimes, people will smile even if they don’t feel like it. It lessens the awkwardness of social situations...

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Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

It’s important to understand what kinds of emergencies require dental intervention,and which ones will be...

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