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3 Reason to Choose Digital X-Rays to Traditional X-Rays

X-Rays have many perceptions in the eyes of Americans depending on the use for each type of x-ray.

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Deep Cleaning Fully Explained

If you visit your dental hygienist every 6 months for routine cleaning and plaque removal as is recommended by the American...

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Oral Pain: When You Need a Root Canal

If your tooth is in serious decay or a case where the pulp of the tooth is being compromised sometimes a root canal may be in order...

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How Pregnancy Effects Your Oral Health

Pregnancy will affect nearly every single aspect of your health. Taking care of your oral health so bacteria doesn’t enter the bloodstream...

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What Causes Bone Loss

Periodontal disease can become quite a serious matter if it is not addressed when it begins. This can start with something simple as mild gum inflammation

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3 Reasons Why Composite Fillings Are Better Than Amalgam Fillings

Trying to decide between composite and amalgam fillings has been a continuing decision dental patients...

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Dental Amalgam or Resin Composite Fillings?

Courtesy of recent technological advancements there is more options for dental patients today than ever before when it comes to filling cavities.

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All About Dental Onlays

Dental Onlays are used when a tooth is too damaged to just repair but not damaged enough to require extraction. Capping a dental problem with a crown may require...

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Tooth Removal/Tooth Extractions

Teeth are removed for many reasons including decay that has reached deep root levels, infections that have destroyed the tooth...

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