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3 Reasons You Should See Your Dentist in the Summer

Convenience is really the key for many people actually getting to the dentist although any time of the year..

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3 Ways to Spot Genuine vs. Fake Smiles

Oftentimes, people will smile even if they don’t feel like it. It lessens the awkwardness of social situations...

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Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

It’s important to understand what kinds of emergencies require dental intervention,and which ones will be...

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When to Call the Dentist

Sometimes it’s hard to determine when to go see a dentist or when to just let discomfort or pain in a tooth wait till the next appointment.

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Conducting a Dental Self-Examination at Home

Start to conduct the examination when you are relaxed and have an hour’s worth or more of free time.

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When Should My Child First See a Dentist?

Around 6 months after the first tooth grows in the child should visit the dentist, which puts their...

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7 Tips for Becoming an Awesome Tooth Fairy

Having children at various ages with teeth coming and falling out can make a parent realize...

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Tips on Selecting Dental Products

So many different toothbrushes that are different shapes, sizes, and textures it’s hard to know which ones are your...

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Proper oral care if you have your tongue pierced

Piercing your tongue can run some health risks but when provided with good aftercare the problems should be able to be kept minimal.

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