The Costs Of Leaving Periodontal Disease Untreated

The Costs Of Leaving Periodontal Disease Untreated

Apr 01, 2019
If you think you have periodontal disease, but worry about the cost of treatment, leaving the periodontal disease as it is will in fact increase the cost of treatment in future. According to several studies, half of the Americans above the age of 30 are suffering from periodontitis. In adults above the age of 64, 70% of people have periodontitis.

Costs of Ignoring the Advance of Gum Disease

The early stage of Periodontitis is known as Gingivitis which can remain undetected says dentist in Chino, CA. However, if you notice the signs of gum disease such as bleeding gums, bad breath, and gum recession, it’s time to see the dentist for treating gum disease. It is better to treat the gum disease in its early stage as if leaving untreated can put you at following risk:
  • Gum disease can escalate further and become periodontitis leading to pockets between gums and teeth and causing infection, pus, and swelling.
  • Gum disease may lead to tooth loss.

Preventing Gum Disease

  • The first step towards preventing gum disease is to maintain regular oral hygiene routine by brushing, flossing and using antiseptic mouthwash. Avoiding food in high sugars and consuming more fruits can help.
  • The next thing to do is to never miss dental appointment in CA 91710 for oral examination and cleaning. Being aware about the symptoms of gum diseases can also help in preventing it or escalating to advanced stage.

Periodontal Treatment Options

  • Scaling and root planning is a common treatment which involves scraping the plaque off the tooth roots and smoothening the surface of roots for preventing bacterial build up.
  • The trays are custom moulded in the shape of your mouth for delivering medication.
  • Gum flap surgery for covering the exposed roots which protects the teeth and reduces risk of tooth loss.
  • Dental implants are an option for people who have already lost their tooth. They are strong, functional, and last for decades.
Gum diseases should be treated as soon as possible as they are detrimental to dental health.
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